How to Choose the Best TV Antenna For Your Home

An antenna is generally known as an electric or magnetic field that is used to send and receive information in various forms such as sound, light, or computer data. An antenna can be a single directional antenna or can be used in a multipoint configuration. A TV Antenna is used in the same way as any other antenna. You will need an appropriate cable or satellite in order to receive a signal from your TV Antenna.

Satellite TV: A television antenna receives signals from various satellites orbiting the earth. These signals are sent out to the earth and TV Antenna’s receive these signals and transmit them back to the receiver. With this type of tv reception, you may receive signals from up to two hundred and fifty channels. This is one of the best forms of the reception available to you.

Outdoor Antenna’s: If you want to receive signals from above ground locations you will need to install outdoor antennas. These types of tv antennas are generally much more expensive because they are aimed at a higher frequency (radar) than indoor antennas (incorrectly aimed). However, they have a much better range and can often cover a larger area.

Indoor Antenna’s: You can purchase TV antennas that are mounted inside of buildings. However, most buildings do not have the structural elements required for such mounting and your signal will likely not reach all the rooms in the building. Your indoor antennas may need to be mounted on the outside of the building facing down (or upside down if placed on the side of the building facing upwards).

Dipole Antenna: The most common of the three different types of TV antennas is the dipole tv antenna. Dipole’s receive their transmitted signals by means of a two-way or three-way signal transducer. These types of TV antennas are very directional and can only receive (transmit) signals in a single direction. These types of tv antennas are often mounted in cabinets (on the outside walls) facing the transmitting tower.

Antenna positioning is a very important factor in getting the best tv antennas for your home. With today’s technology you can get a strong signal relatively easily from many sources. To receive clear reception you should mount your TV antenna to a location where it can receive the strongest signals and the direction you need it to face. With this information in hand you are one step closer to enjoying the fantastic home entertainment systems today offer.

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